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We design & develop cloud-based, maintenance-free, beautiful websites:

What we do:

We make websites: we can tackle anything from a simple landing page to HIPPA-compliant healthcare portals, plus everything in between. We guaranteed your new website will be blazing-fast, low-maintenance, and secure.

Professional & Landing Pages

Portfolio & Catalogue Websites

E-Commerce & Online Shops

Headless CMS & Cloud Services

How do we do it?

We work on both design and development issues from the beginning, as a team; we work on SEO, code components, and SaaS integrations from the design, and continue to be mindful of usability through development.

Our approach to building websites is a little different:. We use bleeding-edge, cloud-based SaaS instead of clunky plugins; we run our websites on the cloud, not dedicated servers to avoid regular maintenance; and we are especially proud of using Headless CMS instead of WordPress, so you can update your content far away from the code.

Meet Johanna & Carlos; The Mandelbrew Duo:

Johanna has worked in branding, editorial design, print, illustration and game design for the last 10+ years. At Mandelbrew, she is in charge of branding, front-end design, information architecture, and usability. If you have any questions about the look and structure of your website, or if you would like an update to your brand, she is the perfect person to get in touch with!

Carlos is a Full-Stack Web & Software Developer with over 10 years of experience. From wrangling server farms, building cloud applications, to creating tunes for video games, he has done it (almost) all. Carlos works on the back-end development of our websites. Any questions about the Headless CMS, domains, technology stacks, and backups, he is your guy!

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