Hello again, PAX Prime! (2014)

This is our second year in a row at Pax Prime, where we checked out polished versions of games we saw last year, and neat new games. It was great meeting everyone in the booths, exchange indie dev stories, cheering each other up, and all those fun things. Again we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people in the Indie Mega Booth. Go indies!

We figured some of you might be curious about games we saw and played, so here is our take on some of them:

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Ludum Dare taught us how to prototype

Ludum Dare 29 took place a few weeks ago, and again we were blown away by the amazing games people can put together in such a short amount of time. This is the second LD we have participated in, and even if we can’t say we loved the result of our efforts this time, we had a blast and learned a lot; Not only about Unity and how to make pixel art, but about prototyping.

Early prototype of Space Diplomacy

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Our new website!

We have a website!

R.I.P old site

R.I.P. Our old website is no more!

For a long time, our “website” was a blue-ish background, our sort-of logo, and “check back soon… we are brewing something delicious”. At the time, we were in a brainstorming phase, and had no idea what Mandelbrew was about. Soon we will release our first mobile game, so it is time to add some content!

Here it is, our website. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for stopping by.